Khoury's Restaurant 's Menu

305 Peoria Street


French Fries - Small  $3.69

French Fries - Large  $4.39

Cheese Fries-Small  $4.99

Cheese Fries- Large  $5.49

Cheddar Cheese Cubes  $8.29

Mozzarella Sticks  $8.29

Natural Mozzarella cheese in an American crumb breading accented with Italian flavor.

Homemade Onion Rings  $8.29

Fresh sweet onions dipped in a light golden batter, then fried to stay crisp.

Homemade Mushrooms  $8.29

Fresh mushrooms double dipped in a light golden batter, then fried to stay crispy.

Extra Sauces  $0.79

Ranch, BBQ, Buffalo, Tahini

2pc. Chicken Strips (side)  $8.29

21pc. Shrimp Only  $12.09


Grape Leaves (6)  $6.59

Hummus  $6.59

Served with fresh warm Lebanese bread.


Greek Salad  $11.59

Lettuce, tomato, black olives, and feta cheese. Add Chicken for an additional charge.

Gyro Salad  $14.89

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and gyro meat.

Grilled Chicken Salad  $13.79

Grilled all white meat chicken, Lettuce, tomato,& cucumber

Buffalo Chicken Salad  $13.79

Fried chicken dipped in buffalo sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber.


Regular Philly Sandwich  $10.99

Super Philly  $15.39

Beef, Chicken or Gyro Meat with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese.

Hamburger (8oz)  $10.49

Add bacon for an additional fee

Cheeseburger (8oz)  $11.59

Pork Tenderloin  $10.49

Juicy, breaded and deep fried

B.L.T.  $9.39

Gyro Burger  $15.39

1/2 lb burger with onion, tomato, olives, feta and Gyro Meat.

Grilled Chicken Wrap  $11.59

Grilled chicken with cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch on pita bread.

Chicago Dog  $8.29

Served with seasoning, relish, onion, tomato, pickle, and mustard.

Chicken Club  $12.69

Choice of grilled or fried chicken served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, bacon and ranch dressing on pita bread.


Gyro Special  $15.39

Khoury's delicious gyro served with fries and a drink.

Gyro Sandwich  $10.49

Delicious seasoned gyro meat served with pita bread. Served with onions, tomato, and cucumber sauce.

Super Gyro Sandwich  $13.79

Khoury's gyro served with onions, tomato, feta cheese, and black olives.

Extra Gyro Meat (3 slices)  $4.39

Extra Gyro Meat (6 slices)  $7.69

Homemade Mediterranean

Falafel Sandwich  $9.89

Veggie sandwich made with garbonzo beans, parsley, onions, and spices blended together and fried then wrapped in Lebaese bread, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and tahini sauce.

Garlic Chicken Wrap  $14.29

Flavored with garlic sauce, garnished with lettuce, pickle, and tomato on Lebanese bread.

Grape Leaves (6pc)  $7.69

1/2 lb. Hummus  $7.69

Served with fresh warm Lebanese bread


All dinners served with french fries and cole slaw

21 pc. Shrimp Dinner  $15.39

3 pc Chicken Strips Dinner  $15.39

2pc. Catfish Strips Dinner  $15.39

2pc. Walleye Strips Dinner  $15.39

Kid's Menu

All Children's meals served with french fries and 12oz drink

2 pc Chicken Strips (Children's Meal)  $9.39

Hamburger (Children's Meal)  $8.29

Cheeseburger (Children's Meal)  $9.39

Corn Dog (Children's Meal)  $7.69

Grilled Cheese (Children's Meal)  $7.19


Baklawa  $2.59

Jumbo Cookie  $2.59

Khoury's Daily Special

Fries and Drink Included

Monday Special- Pork Tenderloin Sandwich  $14.29

Tuesday Special- 1/2lb Cheeseburger  $14.29

Wednesday Special- Grilled Chicken Wrapped on Pita  $14.29

Thursday Special- Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich  $14.29

Friday Special- 2 pc. Fish (Walleye)  $14.29

Saturday Special- BLT Sandwich  $14.29


Pepsi  $3.29

Small or Large

Diet Pepsi  $3.29

Small or Large

Wild Cherry Pepsi  $3.29

Small or Large

Dr. Pepper  $3.29

Small or Large

Mountain Dew  $3.29

Small or Large

Lemonade  $3.29

Small or Large

Unsweetened Tea  $3.29

Small or Large

Mist Twist  $3.29

Small or Large